The history of Brothers Pool Service & Repair began when we were kids growing up. Serving others and treating them with the same courtesy and respect that our family established for one another has been with us since birth. That is simply a part of who we are. We believe that excellence can be displayed with our skills when the foundation is already laid. Reliability and quality service is a large portion of business that seems to have left the business spectrum. Technology is terrific and we all appreciate it, but face-to-face contact, personal interaction, and respect are core values that we learned as people and employ in our day to day interaction with you our customer. Oh we don't lack experience! Entrepreneurship and doing business is what we cut our teeth on, so we just transferred our efforts to meet your need with quality pool service and repair. Oh, and yes, we have been cleaning pools for more than 10 years! We understand what you want and that's exactly what Brothers Pool Service & Repair provides! 

We have recently moved into the education side of the pool industry and have partnered with Aquaman Pools LLC here in Scottsdale, AZ.