Full Weekly Pool Service from Brothers Pool Service & Repair

Our full pool service plan starts at $110/month. Basic chemicals are included.

What We Do

  • We test your pool water and provide and apply pool minerals and chemicals to keep your pool water in optimum condition

  • Record chemical readings

  • Add basic chemicals (chlorine tabs, liquid chlorine, shock, muriatic acid)

  • We empty your pool skimmer and pump baskets

  • We backwash your filter every 4-5 weeks or when dictated by pressure guage

  • We clean your automatic pool cleaner bag

  • We verify your automatic pool cleaner operation

  • We brush your pool (walls / tile / steps) Note: If you have calcium buildup on your tile-line this will not remove. A tile cleaning specialist will need to clean

  • We check your pool equipment

  • We skim the top of your pool

  • We vacuum your pool when needed

  • We keep your pool water healthy and treat any algae that might arise

  • We help you monitor your pool operations by reporting any observations of swimming pool issues

  • Weekly email service report with photo of your pool and gps coordinates

What You Do

  • Maintain proper water level (This is important since we are only at your pool once a week)

  • Keep the pool equipment operating and approve repairs when needed

  • Report any observations of swimming pool issues

What is Required to Start Service

  • Cartridge and D.E Filter Clean Every 6 Months by Our Team $100

  • Mineral Treatment Once a Year $75

  • Must have a working floor cleaning system (That would be a pool vacuum or in-floor pop-up cleaning system)

  • Pool/Spa equipment must be fully operational and safe. (Example: Any type of leak or other issues causing pool to not work at it's full potential)

  • Complete & Submit Service Agreement and Auto-Pay Authorization Form. (We bill on the 1st of each month)

 There might be additional startup charges for initial cleaning & treatment.

Monthly rates vary and depend on the size of the pool, whether the pool has a spa, whether there are trees and shrubs nearby, and other additional features that a pool might have.

What Happens After the Form is Complete

  • We will let you know our availability in your area

  • We will send a quote for weekly service

  • We will let you know what your service day will be

  • We will schedule a day and time to meet you and your swimming pool. We will test water chemistry and walkthrough each piece of your swimming pool and the equipment.

      *** All verbal and written quotes are subject to change pending full equipment evaluation ***